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Monthly Archives: September 2022


Running To Your Death

By Lobo Law |

The numbers tell the story: it is never a good idea to try to flee from the police.  That’s because about one out of every three fatal police shootings involve individuals who were trying to evade an arrest.  Surely, an arrest would be a better outcome than a shot in the back. When is… Read More »

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Mental Health Issues Impacting Justice

By Lobo Law |

Prisons and jails across the country are filled with individuals who suffer from mental health issues.  That’s right, over half of individuals in prisons and more than two-thirds of those in jails suffer from mental health problems.  Is there a better way? What We Know  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) incarcerated… Read More »

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The Miscarriage Of Justice Is Real: Consider These Cases

By Lobo Law |

Finding justice in America can be difficult.  Although some may believe the miscarriage of justice in this country ended with the Salem witch trials or mob lynchings in early America, the facts prove otherwise.  In a system filled with humans, some lazy, some corrupt, some naïve, and some simply prone to errors—the opportunities for… Read More »

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When Veterans Experience Police Interactions

By Lobo Law |

Veterans of any war have sacrificed everything to protect America.  Yet after being deployed once, twice, or even many more times, they come home facing multiple hurdles in rebuilding their lives.  One of those hurdles is a bit of a surprise to some: military veterans are arrested at higher rates than other Americans.  Why… Read More »

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