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The Blue Wall Of Silence: What Will It Take To Get Police To Speak Up?

By Lobo Law |

When George Floyd was killed by a police officer whose knee pinned Floyd’s neck to the pavement for upwards of ten minutes, the country was outraged.  Derek Chauvin’s smug expression as the life drained from Floyd’s body didn’t help his court case, and Chauvin eventually went down with a murder conviction months after the… Read More »

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Nevada Police: Warriors Or Guardians?

By Lobo Law |

The debate over the militarization of local police forces across the country has led civilians and law enforcement alike into intense discussions as to the role of police in the 21st century. Are helmets and shields, batons and riot gear appropriate?  Or has the time for a gentler police force arrived?  While some promote… Read More »

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The Mandate for Civil Rights and Justice Reform

By Lobo Law |

Ballot measures across the nation have demanded reforms to long entrenched laws that unfairly punish people of color and other minority groups.  The challenges to these decades-old policies have strong public support, with nearly 70 percent of Americans in favor of overhauling the criminal justice system.  What measures should such an overhaul encompass, and… Read More »

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medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana 101: The Law and Your Rights

By Lobo Law |

If you are a medical marijuana patient it is important to be educated on medical marijuana laws and your rights to you avoid criminal prosecution. Here are the basics on purchasing, possessing and storing your medical marijuana. How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Purchase and Store? A medical marijuana patient must have a registry… Read More »

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