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Category Archives: Juvenile Crimes Defense


When Doing The Crime Leads To Paying The Fine For Juveniles

By Lobo Law |

When you do the crime you gotta pay the fine.  Makes sense, right?  After all, when teens get caught up in illegal activities, they often result in costly outcomes that impact victims.  It’s only fair to expect those juveniles to pay up and reduce the burden on their victims, right?  Unfortunately, as logical as… Read More »

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Should Juveniles Be Charged As Adults?

By Lobo Law |

Back in the 1700’s the criminal justice system treated all convicted criminals the same, regardless of gender, age, or mental illness. Prisons were filled with a mix of them all, until somebody recognized that there was a problem with the system in 1825.  At that point, the New York House of Refuge was established… Read More »

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Juvenile Stealing Arrests

By Lobo Law |

Nationwide, the number of juvenile arrests for stealing has decreased over the past decade, according to the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Nevertheless, estimated total nationwide arrests of juveniles (under age 18) for robbery in 2018 exceeded 17,000. Estimated national arrests for the same age group for larceny or… Read More »

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Ways a Juvenile Record Can Last a Lifetime

By Lobo Law |

Parents have no shortage of fears. They worry their children will mess up in school, get bad grades, meet the wrong boy or girl, and they worry about things like kidnappings, school shootings, and just about every other sort of horror that can be imagined. Perhaps one of the oldest fears is the fear… Read More »

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