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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shaken Baby Criminal Charges

By Lobo Law |

Shaken baby syndrome is a real thing, and it claims the lives of thousands of babies each year. Some estimates suggest as many as 3,000 babies are shaken to injury or death each year, although many go unreported or undiagnosed. When a baby is shaken to death, it is almost always charged as murder…. Read More »

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Can I Be Convicted of Sexual Assault Without Evidence?

By Lobo Law |

No. There must be evidence. However, that’s just half the story. The real question is, what kind of evidence is required in order to get a conviction?  In Las Vegas, the only evidence required is a victim’s testimony. That’s it. At Lobo Law, we know that results matter the most. If you’ve been charged… Read More »

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medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana 101: The Law and Your Rights

By Lobo Law |

If you are a medical marijuana patient it is important to be educated on medical marijuana laws and your rights to you avoid criminal prosecution. Here are the basics on purchasing, possessing and storing your medical marijuana. How Much Medical Marijuana Can I Purchase and Store? A medical marijuana patient must have a registry… Read More »

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California: Removing ALL Time Limits on Reporting Rape Cases

By Lobo Law |

Being accused of any sexual offense is a very serious matter. The mere accusation carries a harsh social stigma.Sex crimes are of the most difficult cases to defend because the alleged acts usually happen in private and the prosecution does not need any physical evidence to obtain a conviction. Convictions can be sustained by… Read More »

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