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Monthly Archives: March 2021


Why Provide a Defense in Horrendous Cases?

By Lobo Law |

People often wonder why anyone would choose to defend individuals who are accused of the most dreadful of crimes. Sure, it’s logical that a strong defense be mounted for minor incidents like smoking pot, illegal protesting, or maybe even something like shoplifting.  But what about rape, kidnapping, or murder?  Why should people accused of… Read More »

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The Supreme Court Questions Qualified Immunity

By Lobo Law |

Since 1982, courts have determined that officials deserved protections from potential harassment and liability as a result of necessary behaviors while on duty.  The aim was to ensure that officials would not second guess themselves when forced to make quick or life-altering decisions.  Fast forward to 2021, and the problems associated with the doctrine… Read More »

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Real Policing Reform that Works

By Lobo Law |

The conundrum society faces when it comes to policing is huge: how do we maintain a vigorous safe-keeping organization that protects and serves, but that does not harm innocents by employing tactics that are literally overkill?  Seriously—we do want protection from criminals—especially violent ones—and there’s no doubt that an armed police force is a… Read More »

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Response to Protests: The Capitol Siege vs. BLM

By Lobo Law |

As mostly white anarchists trampled into the Capitol in Washington DC, lawmakers were whisked away from their duties and into more secure rooms.  Furniture was piled against doors as fear curdled in the throats of Democrats and Republicans alike.  Meanwhile, aides who were locked in their offices huddled under furniture, hoping the insurrectionists would… Read More »

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