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Las Vegas Criminal Defense

Why Provide a Defense in Horrendous Cases?


People often wonder why anyone would choose to defend individuals who are accused of the most dreadful of crimes. Sure, it’s logical that a strong defense be mounted for minor incidents like smoking pot, illegal protesting, or maybe even something like shoplifting.  But what about rape, kidnapping, or murder?  Why should people accused of these kinds of heinous crimes be protected with ardent efforts by a criminal defense attorney?

Standing Up for Law 

For starters, our Constitution entitles everyone to an attorney and a defense.  Period.  These rights aren’t abrogated when the charges make the public queasy.  In this country, thank goodness, a prosecutor must prove a case beyond any reasonable doubt.  Why is this a good thing?  Well, simply put, accusations and charges are quite often misplaced.  The presumption of innocence, along with other important principles, such as the ability to confront your accuser, are valued by every defendant—whether innocent or guilty.

Standing up for People 

And here’s another point worth noting:  the connection between government and governed is tenuous in terms of balance.  When a strong defense is mounted, it pushes the State toward a more accurate and even handed system of justice.  Despite the emotion that compels the quest for blame and revenge, our justice system demands a reasonable and impartial look at the evidence of any given case.  It requires that officials behave in transparent and responsible ways, and that they follow established procedures and protocols.  When just one step in the quest for justice is mismanaged or manhandled, the promises of a judicial system that works for the people are lost—not just for a particular defendant—but for all of us.

An Alternative to Vigilantism

 To be sure, heinous crimes light the passions of the public.  If not for a principled pursuit of justice, communities would necessarily feel to mete out justice without the benefit of trial, judge, and jury.  How much better, then, to provide the elements needed to seek the truth and deliver justice with sobriety and dispassionate calm?

An Imperfect System 

Certainly, no one argues that the justice system in the United States is perfect—far from it.  Suggested improvements range from examining the possibility of punishments other than incarceration—such as fines, for example, to putting an end to commercial bail programs, eliminating mandatory minimum sentences,  and providing more treatment programs to address addiction.  Without question, reentry services post-conviction are abysmal, and do little to drive down recidivism rates.  But with all the discussions of potential improvements and adjustments to the system, there’s one thing you’ll never hear in America: a call to eliminate defense attorneys.  Even for the most monstrous of crimes.  That’s because America relies on defense attorneys to balance a system that could otherwise tilt toward guilty verdicts, ignoring innocence time and again.

We Provide a Strong Defense 

Regardless of the crime or the surrounding circumstances, regardless of the accused’s social status, race, religion, or background, our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at Lobo Law will provide a robust defense.  If you are facing time behind bars, don’t settle for anything less.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.

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