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Monthly Archives: October 2022


Defending Conspiracy Charges

By Lobo Law |

If you’ve been even thinking about committing a crime with someone else, you are getting close to legal jeopardy.  The minute you put those thoughts into words, you’ve committed conspiracy, and in Nevada, that is a serious crime. Nevada Law  According to Nevada statute, planning to commit an illegal activity can lead to criminal… Read More »

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What Is A Special Master And Why Might You Need One?

By Lobo Law |

The battle over seized documents from former president Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago resort continues to dominate headlines.  Now, it seems, the Trump legal team has succeeded in convincing a judge that a special master should be appointed to comb through documents. What is the role of a special master, and when might a… Read More »

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When Doing The Crime Leads To Paying The Fine For Juveniles

By Lobo Law |

When you do the crime you gotta pay the fine.  Makes sense, right?  After all, when teens get caught up in illegal activities, they often result in costly outcomes that impact victims.  It’s only fair to expect those juveniles to pay up and reduce the burden on their victims, right?  Unfortunately, as logical as… Read More »

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Problems With Federal Prisons’ Decision To Scan Personal Mail

By Lobo Law |

When someone is sent to prison, it’s because they’ve been found guilty of a crime and it’s been determined that they owe a debt to society.  Prisoners endure many restrictions and supervision—and rightly so.  But at what point does prisoner surveillance go too far?  We may be finding out in federal prisons. Introducing MailGuard… Read More »

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