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Monthly Archives: June 2021


How Trustworthy Is Eyewitness Testimony In Court?

By Lobo Law |

If you are facing criminal charges and eyewitness testimony is central to your prosecution, you may be very concerned about the possibility of a conviction.  After all, someone who may seem to be an upstanding member of the community claims to have seen you commit a crime.  What chance could you possibly have against… Read More »

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What Do Calls For Defunding Police Really Mean?

By Lobo Law |

We’ve all heard a lot of talk about defunding the police in recent months.  Is that synonymous with abolishing law enforcement?  The fact of the matter is, the term can refer to any number of actions related to police reform.  Let’s take a look at the nuance behind the movement. Key Points  Virtually every… Read More »

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Modern Justice: Diversion Programs In Lieu Of Incarceration

By Lobo Law |

Concerns surrounding the criminal justice system in the United States are well-documented. This because fully one percent of all adults in this country are currently in jail or prison—as much as ten times the rates of incarceration in democracies across the globe. Equally disturbing is the fact that over 50 percent of those behind… Read More »

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Nevada Police: Warriors Or Guardians?

By Lobo Law |

The debate over the militarization of local police forces across the country has led civilians and law enforcement alike into intense discussions as to the role of police in the 21st century. Are helmets and shields, batons and riot gear appropriate?  Or has the time for a gentler police force arrived?  While some promote… Read More »

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