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Las Vegas Criminal Defense

4 Mistakes Tourists Make in Vegas That Get Them Arrested for Drug Crimes


Vegas is known for many activities– shopping, gambling, nightlife, partying, music festivals, and the hotels and tourist attractions found on the Las Vegas Strip. This is why more than 40 million people visit the city each year. As a visitor, the last thing you want to do is be arrested for a drug crime and spend time in jail while you’re here.

Las Vegas Has Some of the Toughest Drug Trafficking and Possession Laws in the Nation

Since you’re a visitor, you may not be aware of the fact that Vegas has some of the toughest drug trafficking and possession laws in the nation. As a result, visitors are commonly arrested at nightclubs, bars, pool parties, hotels and major events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Life is Beautiful Festival for illegal possession of drugs.

Because Las Vegas has many laws surrounding drug trafficking and possession, today we will visit 4 mistakes tourists make while visiting Vegas so you and your friends can and avoid drug crime charges during your stay here in Vegas.

  1. Thinking You Can Bring Your Own Marijuana to Vegas Because It’s Legal Here.

While recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, despite what you hear, bringing marijuana to Vegas is illegal.  If you bring marijuana into the state, you may face charges for trafficking a controlled substance.

NRS 453, Nevada’s Drug Trafficking Law says when a person knowingly sells, manufactures, delivers or brings illegal drugs into the state, this is trafficking.

The only way to get marijuana in Vegas is to buy it from a state-licensed store or dispensary. If you buy marijuana anywhere else, it is illegal.

Most importantly, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase, be in possession of, and consume marijuana in Nevada.

2. Consuming Marijuana in Public.

It is illegal to consume marijuana in public places like casinos, bars, restaurants and on the street. One day you may be able to consume marijuana in cannabis lounges in Vegas. If this happens, it won’t be until at least July 2021.

3. Smoking Marijuana in the Hotel Room.

You may think that a hotel room is a private place, but it’s not. Many hotels have strict rules when it comes to smoking in their rooms, whether it’s marijuana or nicotine.

4. Admitting to the Possession of Marijuana, Upon Arrest. 

Any statement you make to the police officer will be used against you in court. Never say that the marijuana or any drugs are in your possession. If you do, it will be harder for your criminal defense lawyer to represent you.  Keep quiet and retain the services of a controlled substance lawyer.

Arrested for Drug Crime While Partying in Vegas? Don’t Go Home and Ignore It. Contact a Qualified Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re a tourist who has been arrested while exploring the Sin City, contact Lobo Law. Adrian Lobo is an experienced Las Vegas drug crime attorney. She takes drug arrests seriously and will work with you to reveal defenses that may work in your best interest or help you obtain a favorable result. Call 702-290-8998 or contact Lobo Law online to schedule a consultation.





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