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But I Thought Weed Was Legal? Getting Busted for Marijuana in Vegas


If you recently got arrested for marijuana in Las Vegas, you might be a little frustrated and confused. After all, isn’t marijuana legal in Nevada now? Well, yes but with a lot of qualifications. To be clear, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug by the federal government, making it a federal crime to grow, possess, or consume it. Nevada has indeed legalized its use, but there are broad restrictions on how, where and when you can possess or consume it and stay within the law.

At Lobo Law, we frequently help locals and visitors alike who are arrested and charged with drug crimes. If you are facing a drug charge in Las Vegas, give us a call.

Restrictions on Marijuana Use in Nevada 

While marijuana is generally legalized in the state of Nevada, there are some exceptions and limitations you should be aware of:

  • You cannot consume it in public. What does this mean? Well, to begin with, it means you cannot consume marijuana in hotels, on the street, in a restaurant, or in any other public place. So visitors have very limited options for consuming marijuana while staying in Las Vegas.
  • Must be 21 to buy or use. Just like alcohol, there’s an age limit. You must be 21 to buy or consume marijuana (including all derivative forms, liquids, or marijuana-based products).
  • Must purchase legally. You cannot buy marijuana illegally from someone on the street in Nevada. Instead, the sole method of legally buying marijuana is to buy it from a licensed dispensary.

How People Get Busted 

The most common ways that people get arrested for marijuana are as follows:

  • Underage possession or consumption
  • Using it in a vehicle
  • Using it in a hotel room
  • Buying illegally or buying for someone who is under 21

How a Drug Crimes Lawyer Can Help 

After an arrest, you will be booked, processed, and taken before a judge to determine if you will be held pending trial or released on bond. If you make bond, you will be released with the understanding that you must return for trial. If you are not a Las Vegas resident, this could present an extreme financial hardship. Likewise, just paying bond to get out of jail can be risky, because judges know that foreign residents are likely to flee or not return. But this is a huge mistake. If you fail to return for your trial, you will be considered a fugitive, and a warrant will be issued. This can create a host of additional penalties and consequences far worse than the original charge.

Your best option is to hire an experienced drug crimes lawyer who can help to fight the drug charge. At Lobo Law PLLC, we are here to help. So give us a call to schedule a phone consultation or in-person meeting today.



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