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Monthly Archives: May 2021


Can Law Enforcement Enter Your Home Without A Warrant In Certain Situations? The Supreme Court Debates the Question

By Lobo Law |

Does the Fourth Amendment prohibit police from entering our homes without a warrant? Most people would state that the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” The fact of the matter is that the Supreme Court is currently considering the question, so perhaps things aren’t as cut and dried as we all assume.  What seems to… Read More »

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Problems With Incarceration In America

By Lobo Law |

Incarcerated populations face enormous challenges in this country.  Recent studies indicate that roughly one in three adults in America have experienced an arrest by the age of just 23.  The majority of these arrests will involve poor men of color.  Many of these arrests will result in incarceration, even though 80 percent of arrests… Read More »

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The Bystander Effect In Policing

By Lobo Law |

The nation has been riveted to the Derek Chauvin trial involving the death of George Floyd. Questions as to the efficacy impact of Chauvin’s actions are being weighed by a jury, and rightly so.  Floyd died after a police interaction that raised so many red flags that multiple bystanders called 911 to request assistance… Read More »

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A Watershed Moment? What does The Chauvin Verdict Mean For The Future?

By Lobo Law |

A collective sigh of relief was released as the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case was announced: guilty on all counts.  Was justice served?  While nothing will bring George Floyd back to his family and loved ones, the verdict most certainly demonstrated that it is possible to hold police officers accountable for their actions…. Read More »

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