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Las Vegas Criminal Defense

Your Right To Appeal A Criminal Conviction


If your run-in with the law resulted in a criminal conviction, you may have lost hope of ever regaining your life.  But the truth of the matter is you have a right to challenge that conviction through the appeals process.  Appellate courts do offer a remedy to address the miscarriage of justice, and an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can fight for due process on your behalf.

Was Justice Served? 

Court systems are made up of people, from the filing clerks to the attorneys and judges, and everyone in between.  And we all know that humans are fallible.  If an overly punitive—or even incorrect sentence is meted out, often the only recourse is an appeal. It doesn’t matter if the problem lies with an attorney’s mistakes or errant judgements made by a judge during the trial; if the flaws resulted in a miscarriage of justice, rectifying the outcome is definitely worth the time and effort to file an appeal. 

Appellate Review 

According to the North Carolina Law Review, federal courts and 47 state courts provide for appeals of both civil and criminal convictions through statutory or constitutional means. Here in Nevada, the Court of Appeals was amended to Article 6 of the State Constitution and has been operating with a panel of three judges since 2015..The Nevada Supreme Court assigns cases to this court (whereas previously the Supreme Court dealt with all appeals itself.) About 30 percent of cases that get submitted to the Supreme Court are deflected to the Court of Appeals.

The Appeals Process in Nevada 

When an appeal is filed with the Supreme Court, it remains there unless/until it is assigned to the Appeals Court. Important cases –those that might impact Nevada law, for example–stay with the Supreme Court.  Ultimately a petition may be made for any case in the Court of Appeals to go on to the Nevada Supreme Court for further deliberation.

When Your First Reach for Justice was Unsuccessful

To be sure, court appeals are incredibly technical and complex, and require hours of meticulous work by attorneys who are committed to unraveling the text of a court case to analyze every scrap of the evidence, testimony, and decision-making that led to a conviction or sentence that flies in the face of justice. At Lobo Law, that commitment is central to our work.  As purveyors of justice, we leave no stone unturned, providing creative, forceful, and tenacious efforts on behalf of our clients.  If you believe your case deserves a second look, contact the Las Vegas criminal lawyers at Lobo Law for a confidential consultation today.



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