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Online Sex Crimes Against Children In Nevada


While there can be no argument that the Internet has facilitated a number of advances in society, one of the downsides to developing technology is that it has facilitated a rise in online sex crimes against children.  Here in Nevada, prosecutors are more than willing to go after internet offenders, who face pretty stiff consequences upon conviction. Your life will be forever changed if found guilty of these charges.  That’s why having an aggressive criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights has never been more necessary.

Examples of Internet Sex Crimes 

There are three key categories of crimes we are talking about here:

  • Child pornography, including possessing, distributing, or producing child porn;
  • Solicitation of minors, generally teens between 13 and 15 years old;
  • Crimes of conspiracy involving online technology.

Generalizations About Internet Sex Offenders 

While anyone might be guilty of Internet sex crimes, some general features of these individuals include:

  • Roughly 12 percent have a previous record involving sexual contact;
  • Over half actually admit to having had illegal sexual contact in the past;
  • Offenders with no previous illegal sexual contact are considered to be of significantly lower risk than those who have had previous illegal contacts;
  • Offenders involved in pornography were most often linked to pedophilia;
  • Offenders involved in sexual solicitation generally went after teenage girls.

What This Includes 

To be clear, any contact that is sexual in nature is illegal if it involves a minor, even if the contact is virtual.  That means that sexting through email or text is punishable by law if it involves anyone under the age of 18.  All too often school-aged kids get involved in consensual photo exchanges that wind up getting passed around, all of which can lead to criminal charges.

Another issue that is becoming more prevalent involves predators seeking out under-age girls and enticing them to send photos or perform acts of a sexual nature.

Sex trafficking involving children puts victims into contact with individuals who either manipulate them or force them into prostitution.  It often involves young girls who believe they are connecting with someone who can advance a career in modeling, dance, or other performance art, only to discover they are dealing with a predator down the road.

Federal Penalties 

Any crimes involving child pornography can result in as much as 30 years in prison for a first offense, and that’s just the federal penalty.  The state can press charges as well, adding to the penalties.  Furthermore, convicted individuals will have to register as a sex offender, even if they move to another state.

You Deserve a Vigorous Defense 

These charges are nothing to mess around with.  At Lobo Law, our Las Vegas criminal lawyers understand the gravity of your situation, and will put forth a defense with your best interests in mind all the way.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our office today.



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