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Larceny in Nevada


If you’ve been charged with the crime of larceny, law enforcement believes you are behind the thefts of property like bicycles, motor vehicles, or other items that have been carried away unlawfully. Depending on the value of the items you’ve been accused of taking, prior convictions, and the strength of the prosecution’s case, a guilty verdict could mean quite a stint behind bars, as petit larceny is a misdemeanor charge, grand larceny of a motor vehicle is a felony charge, and grand larceny is a felony charge in Nevada.

Recent Examples of Larceny in Nevada 

Larceny is a broad charge and can include any of a number of acts.  Some of the recent case in the news include:

  • A woman was charged with larceny of a vehicle in Jefferson County for allegedly stealing an auto;
  • A woman in Carson City was charged with larceny after allegedly stealing a credit card from a patient in a care facility and charging over $5,000.
  • Police are searching for a pair who allegedly stole items from a CVS store without paying.
  • A man in Carson City was charged with larceny after attempting to return stolen cameras for store credits.

Penalties for Larceny 

Nevada statute defines larceny as intentionally taking property from another person without that person’s consent.  While you might be charged with theft if the items taken are less expensive, larceny charges accompany thefts of items valued at $650 or more. The charges and penalties vary based on the value of the stolen merchandise:


Value of Items Charge Incarceration Fine
Less than $1.200 Petit Larceny/Misdemeanor 6 months in jail $1,000 + restitution
$1,200-$5,000 Cat. D Felony

Grand Larceny

1-4 years $5,000 + restitution
$5,000-$24,999 Cat. C Felony 1-5 years $10,000 + restitution
$25,000-$100,000 Cat. B Felony

Grand Larceny

1-10 years $10,000 + restitution
$100,000+ Cat. B Felony

Grand Larceny

1-20 years $15,000+


Any motor vehicle


Cat. C Grand Larceny of Motor Vehicle 1-5 years $10,000 + restitution


These charges are often accompanied by probation requirements, although if the property was stolen from someone who is infirm, probation is not available.

 Statute of Limitations

 Charges for larceny can be made as far as four years following any alleged instance, meaning even if suspects think they’ve gotten away with larceny, charges can sneak up later down the road.

Fighting Charges 

The Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys at Lobo Law will fight forcefully to achieve the best possible outcomes for defendants facing larceny charges. To discuss the specifics of your case, schedule a confidential consultation with us today.



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