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Illegal Tax Evasion in the News in Nevada


Tax crimes are in the news in Nevada.

Last week, 3 News Las Vegas reported on the story of a tax return preparer was sentenced to 40 months in prison for taking over $450,000 – money that his clients had turned over to him for tax payments – and using the money for himself. The tax petition preparer also filed (or caused the filing of) false tax returns for some of his clients by, for example, claiming fraudulent deductions such as fraudulent business losses and charitable contributions. The tax crimes that the tax return preparer had previously pleaded guilty to included tax evasion, aiding and assisting in the preparation and filing of a false tax return, and making and subscribing a false tax return.

This week, another story involving tax crimes is in the Las Vegas news. This time it is the story of a Las Vegas pawn shop owner who pleaded guilty to tax evasion. The story, as reported by KTNV Las Vegas and 3News Las Vegas, involved the owner of six pawn shops (located in North Dakota and South Dakota) and a scheme to avoid taxes on income from gold jewelry sold to an out of state refining company. According to news reports, the pawn shop owner’s tax evasion scheme included first directing her employees to delete gold jewelry from the shops’ inventory. Next, the jewelry was sent to the pawn shop owner in Las Vegas, and then to a refining company in Pennsylvania in exchange for a cash wire straight into the pawn shop owner’s bank accounts. The merchandise involved in the transactions exceeded $850,000, none of which was reported as income on the pawn shop owner’s tax returns. According to 3News Las Vegas reports, the pawn shop owner also provided the IRS with false bank statements.

What is Illegal Tax Evasion?

Illegal tax evasion, in general, involves avoiding paying taxes through the use of illegal methods or schemes. The facts described above, in the case of the tax petition preparer and pawn shop owner, are just two examples of tax evasion schemes. As in the case of the tax petition preparer, illegal tax evasion schemes may involve failing to report or underreporting income and/or claiming false or fraudulent deductions. Diverting assets into offshore accounts may also constitute tax evasion.

Illegal Tax Evasion and Other White-Collar Crimes.

Illegal tax evasion falls within the category of crimes known as white collar crimes. White collar crimes generally refer to crimes that deal with business, fraud, or forgery, and often involve people who work or act in positions of trust. Since cases that involve white collar crimes often involve complicated fact patterns, it is important to speak to an experienced and expert lawyer who understands the complex financial issues involved. If you or someone you know has been charged with a white-collar crime, contact Lobo Law. Adrian Lobo is an experienced Las Vegas white collar crime attorney who can help you understand and work through the criminal justice process





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