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Has Your Teen Been Accused of Dating Violence?


Whatever you think you may know about domestic violence, you may not realize that dating violence folds up into the umbrella of domestic violence, and many teens and young adults deal with it every day. Dating violence involves both victims and abusers.  It may be difficult to imagine your child as a perpetrator of domestic violence, but being aware of the signs and symptoms is crucial if negative behavior patterns are to be eliminated. By the same token, teens who have been falsely accused of such behaviors need protection. If your teen has been accused of this kind of behavior and has been charged by law enforcement, it will be necessary to provide a hearty defense in order to avoid serious penalties.


A guilty conviction for domestic battery (NRS 200.485) could mean your teen will be incarcerated for up to six months.  That could be in addition to counseling, community service, fines. A second offense adds time to the counseling and community service, and a third offense could result in up to five years of incarceration.

Facts Worth Knowing 

Dating violence is a serious issue, which is why Nevada statute is so harsh. Consider these statistics:

  • 5 million high schoolers are directly affected by dating violence annually.
  • One in four eighth and ninth graders report having suffered dating violence, and nearly ten percent report having experienced sexual abuse.
  • One in ten students in high school report being physically harmed by someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship.
  • The majority of students who report incidents of acquaintance rape say drugs or alcohol were being used at the time of the incident.

Before Dating Violence Becomes an Issue 

More than eighty percent of parents of teens don’t believe teen violence is an issue or say they don’t no know much on the subject. This demonstrates how important it is for parents to learn about and intervene with the problem! Likewise, if your child is being manipulated and there is a possibility of a wrongful accusation, the aftermath could be devastating.

  • Discuss what healthy relationships look like and feel like before they start dating.
  • Model appropriate social behaviors for teens.
  • Teach teens to communicate effectively and assertively.
  • Discuss warning signs, like jealousy, extreme demands, and controlling behaviors.
  • Engage in frequent conversations and provide your teen with information they need to make healthy decisions.
  • Encourage teens to share with you when things don’t feel right in their relationships and listen without judgment.
  • If you suspect a problem, get help.

When Dating Violence Becomes a Legal Issue

 Dating violence is domestic violence, and it is prosecuted as such.  If you or your child has been accused of dating violence, a strong legal defense is necessary.  The experienced Las Vegas criminal attorneys at Lobo Law can help.  Schedule a confidential consultation in our Las Vegas office today.



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