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Charged With Hazing?


School hazing:  it occurs in high schools and colleges across the country, despite widespread publicity outlining the dangers associated with it and laws on the books penalizing those who perpetuate it. Here in Nevada, we’ve seen our fair share of hazing resulting in horrendous outcomes:

  • A high school baseball player in Galena who’d been part of the team for three years opted out of the sport for his senior year after suffering hazing that included racial discrimination, bullying, inappropriate sexual harassment, intimidation, and the resulting mental/emotional distress that resulted.
  • A fraternity pledge at UNR was hospitalized with alcohol poisoning after an alleged hazing incident.
  • A freshman who was pledging a UNR fraternity died in a drowning incident, after consuming alcohol as part of a hazing activity.
  • An 18-year-old pledge fell down the stairs after drinking at UNR, hitting his head on a concrete wall and meeting his untimely death. His blood-alcohol level was 3.0.
  • A high school wrestler from Churchill County School District suffered hazing that included being stripped, tied up, spanked, peed on, and locked out of his hotel room.

Nevada Law 

The law in the Silver State is clear: anyone found guilty of hazing can be charged with a misdemeanor if the actions do not result in substantial harm. The result could mean six months behind bars and a $1,000 fine. That bumps up to a gross misdemeanor if victims do suffer serious bodily harm, with double the penalties. If a death occurs, the possibility of more serious charges, along with more severe penalties, is very real.

What Constitutes Hazing Under Nevada Law? 

Hazing is defined as reckless endangerment of a person as part of an initiation into a club or team at a high school or college in Nevada. It can encompass any form of brutality, from beating and branding to forced consumption of alcohol and other substances and including even exposure to harsh weather. It could be simply a matter of forcing outlandish exercising or in any way requiring pledges to complete tasks that could lead to physical duress.

Have You Been Charged with Hazing? 

If you are facing hazing charges, you are likely concerned about the potential consequences. That’s exactly why a strong defense is essential. That could mean establishing an alibi or demonstrating that the accuser was never in any physical danger. In any case, the plaintiff has the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and the circumstances of the situation will guide your attorney toward the most appropriate defense.

The Defense You Deserve 

You have a Constitutional right to a defense, and the criminal defense attorneys at Lobo Law take that very seriously. We are dedicated to providing a robust defense against any charges, always fighting for the best possible outcomes for you.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation in our Las Vegas office right away.



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