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3 Ways Innocent People Get Arrested for Sex Crimes in Las Vegas


If you’ve ever watched the news and wondered how people could possibly get in trouble for things like lewdness, sexual conduct with a minor, or even incest, you might be a bit surprised to learn that not all people who are charged with these crimes actually did anything wrong. In fact, criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas routinely see innocent people getting swept up in raids, up accidentally caught by police, due to mistakes and misunderstandings. Think it can’t happen to you? Think again.

If you are arrested for a sex crime in Las Vegas, you absolutely need to move quickly and retain a competent and skilled attorney who can fight hard to protect against unnecessary and wrongful charges. Give Lobo Law a call today to see if we can help you. Here are just 3 simple ways that real people get charged with sex crimes without doing anything wrong.

#1 – Prostitution 

Las Vegas has a very inaccurate reputation as a place where prostitution is legal. It’s not. Nevada has laws on the books that do permit prostitution, but the restrictions and limitations make it so that it cannot practically be done anywhere in Clark County without breaking the law. So, many Americans travel to Las Vegas under completely incorrect assumptions. They may be approached by a sex worker and even solicited by the sex worker, all under false pretenses. While ignorance is not a defense, entrapment is. If the prostitute is an undercover police officer, it’s important to let a lawyer review the circumstances of the arrest, as it could be an invalid arrest.

#2 – Lewdness 

Some people get drunk in public and party just a little too hard in Vegas. Drunk people may get carried away and make the mistake of urinating in public. While it’s true that this is a criminal act and one that should be strongly discouraged, it certainly should not result in an otherwise good person with a clean record having their life turned upside down. The problem is that by urinating, the individual may also be inadvertently exposing their private parts to the public, which can carry serious penalties and even get them labeled a sex offender.

#3 – Online Sex Crimes 

In this day and age, it’s hard to fully appreciate the wide range of ways a person can commit a crime online. Viewing the wrong website or paying to download images that you think are legal can turn very serious if it turns out that you have viewed underage materials. The law is designed to protect minors from exploitation, and for good reason. Sex trafficking has become a serious and terrifying industry. But innocent people mistakenly get caught in undercover stings every day.

Help is Just a Phone Call Away 

Here in Las Vegas, if you are arrested and charged with a crime, you need to know you have an ally on your side. Sex crimes carry a terrible stigma that can haunt you for the rest of your life. At Lobo Law, we represent defendants in all sorts of criminal matters, and we work hard to make sure the system does not treat you unfairly. Our goal is to make sure you are innocent until proven guilty, and not the other way around. Call today to speak with a Las Vegas sex crime attorney about your charges.




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