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Monthly Archives: March 2024


Is a Change of Venue Worth Considering?

By Lobo Law |

When facing criminal charges, a change of venue may be appropriate in some circumstances.  What are those situations, what are the benefits of venue change? Is it something worth considering in your criminal case? When is a Change of Venue Request Appropriate? There are limited reasons for which a change of venue may be… Read More »

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When Testifying is Dangerous: The Witness Protection Program

By Lobo Law |

The U.S. Marshals have been charged with operating the federal Witness Protection Program in order to provide new identities to individuals who face the possibility of retribution when testifying against organized crime groups like the Mafia, for example, who terrorize communities and are involved in significantly violent crimes. The government understands that cooperation can… Read More »

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Help! I’ve Just Been Charged with a Felony!

By Lobo Law |

If you’ve been charged with a crime and arrested, you are no doubt feeling alarmed.  What’s next for you? Should you cooperate with police to demonstrate your innocence? Should you do whatever it takes to get out of custody?  No and no! If you are facing felony charges, your first steps have a monumental… Read More »

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The Use of Deadly Force by Federal Officers

By Lobo Law |

Numerous federal agencies are tasked with protecting the public. They include the FBI, ATF, DEA, and Federal Marshals. And while they do put a lot of bad actors away, they have been responsible for more than 150 fatalities and 80 injuries in a period of just five years.  That leads to questions about just… Read More »

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