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Las Vegas Incest Lawyer

Incest is a severe felony offense that can have detrimental effects in the future, including a life sentence in prison. Due to the seriousness of this charge, it is imperative you get in contact with an experienced Las Vegas incest lawyer who can help negotiate, reduce or even dismiss your incest charge. Read the information below to learn more about incest, its punishments and its defenses.

What is incest?

Nevada law defines incest as marrying, fornicating or committing adultery with a relative who is considered closer than a second cousin (or cousins by half blood). For example, if a father marries his daughter, then both individuals have committed incest.

It is important to note that an individual can be charged both with rape and incest. If a mother sexually assaults her son against his will, she has committed both incest and rape.

Penalties and punishments for incest charges in Las Vegas:

If you are convicted of incest, you are guilty of a category A felony and will be punished:

  • A minimum term of two years and a maximum term of life with possibility of parole;and
  • A possible fine of no more than $10,000.

Defenses to incest charges in Las Vegas:

  • No fornication occurred. If the prosecution cannot prove that you and a relative had sex or any sexual relations, you cannot be charged with incest.
  • There are no family relations between the two individuals.If the two individuals are not related by blood or are distant family relatives, then you cannot be charged with incest.

If you or anyone you know has been charged with incest, it is important that you contact an experienced Las Vegas criminal lawyer who can get you the representation you deserve. Adrian Lobo is a highly qualified attorney ready to take on any incest case. Call Adrian Lobo today at 702-290-8998 to schedule a consultation.

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