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Las Vegas Drug Crimes Attorney

While Las Vegas has the reputation for being a party-oriented city, the state of Nevada takes drug crimes very seriously. Nevada has some of the toughest drug possession, distribution and trafficking laws of any state in the country. Clark County police are extremely vigilant, looking to bust locals and tourists alike for taking part in “Sin City” festivities. Skilled legal help is essential for anyone arrested for a drug crime in Las Vegas to avoid the harshest penalties and find the best defenses or deals available under the circumstances.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession of narcotics for personal use is considered a less serious crime than other charges such as possession with intent to sell or drug trafficking, but it can still lead to fines and jail time and can have lasting effects on other facets of life such as insurance, employability, and citizenship. The severity of the punishments and the type of deal available varies depending on the amount possessed and the seriousness (the “schedule”) of the drug. With effective legal help, first-time offenders with no criminal history can often get possession charges reduced or dropped entirely by going through drug treatment programs.

Marijuana (aka cannabis) possession for individual use is now legal in Nevada, for amounts up to one ounce. Users must be 21 or over and can only smoke in their private homes. Marijuana is, moreover, still considered a schedule I drug. Possession of more than one ounce, as well as unlicensed trafficking or sale, can lead to severe penalties.

Besides marijuana, some of the most frequent arrests in Las Vegas involve the alleged possession of cocaine or prescription pills, which are generally schedule II drugs.

Possession With Intent to Sell

Possession with intent to sell carries heavy penalties including significant prison terms. Nevada prosecutors must prove that a defendant actually possessed the drugs (i.e. that they had some sort of control over the drug), and that they actually intended to sell. Intent to sell can be proven based on, for example, how the drugs were packaged and the amount possessed. Repeat offenders arrested with schedule I drugs can face up to 15 years in prison if intent to sell is proven.

Sale of a Controlled Substance

Sale of any controlled substance in Nevada is illegal, including the unlicensed sale of marijuana or prescription drugs. Particularly in Las Vegas, arrests for drug sales are extremely common, and undercover police often roam The Strip looking for sellers trying to make a deal. Penalties for sale of a controlled substance differ depending on the schedule of the drug, the amount involved, and whether the defendant has a criminal history.

Transporting or Trafficking a Controlled Substance

Nevada punishes the transportation of controlled substances along with sale. Depending on the quantity of drugs involved, the crime may be classified as drug trafficking. Defendants charged with transporting under four grams of a schedule I drug or under 28 grams of a schedule II drug generally face the same penalties as those charged with sale.

Trafficking applies to schedule I and II drugs when the amount involved is great enough. For most schedule I drugs, the threshold is 4 grams. For schedule II drugs, the threshold is 28 grams. Trafficking charges can apply to marijuana when the charges apply to 50 or more pounds of marijuana or 1 or more pounds of concentrated cannabis.

Get Fast, Aggressive Help with Las Vegas Drug Charges

Drug arrests should be taken very seriously and dealt with by a compassionate, skilled and aggressive Las Vegas drug crime defense attorney. There are likely defenses in your favor or options to obtain a favorable result that a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer will know. In Las Vegas, call the criminal lawyer Adrian Lobo at Lobo Law for immediate assistance after a drug arrest.

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